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Dollarstore.com is the one of the world’s largest and most complete online sources of general merchandise for the wholesale industry both domestically and internationally. Dollarstore.com is an e-commerce superstore with an online catalog that offers general merchandise and grocery items typically found in dollar stores to Master Licensees, Franchises and independent retailers. The dollarstore.com portal is an integral part of Dollarstore’s success in this industry. Franchisees and independent dollar store retailers can easily order merchandise from the online catalog. Typically, independent retailers procure merchandise from multiple wholesalers through a combination of visits, phone calls or online ordering and then transport each order separately to their own warehouse. The dollarstore.com online catalog will significantly reduce the costs associated with procuring merchandise by lowering purchase prices, eliminating multiple shipments and transportation costs, and streamlining the whole order process. Dollarstore will handle the shipping and logistics. The merchandise offered on dollarstore.com is very competitively priced - the franchisee and independent retailer would not be able to obtain better prices elsewhere.

Dollarstore will keep on adding new and exciting products every month to our online shopping platform via  US.dollarstore.com  which currently boasts over 30,000 items in stock here in the USA. Our range of dollar store merchandise is enormous making us the real one stop shop. We supply to dollar storeowners, grocery chains, drug chains, convenient stores, general stores, mom and pop Stores, gift shops, flower shops and specialty stores. In addition to our strong U.S. presence, you can find our wholesale products and general merchandise all over the world. We are leaders in international export, and offer tons of items made in the USA. Wholesale products and general merchandise distribution is our passion!

Our number one goal is to source better quality wholesale dollar items for less than our competitors. We understand the wholesale industry and can offer a higher level of services including fast, affordable, and reliable delivery. Our website Store.dollarstore.com is a utopia for wholesale items, general merchandise, and desirable dollar store merchandise. To make sure you have the newest and best variety of merchandise our website updates every 24 hours with wholesale gifts, Health & Beauty, Candy & Food, Cleaning products, Stationery, Party Supplies, Toys, Books, Apparel, Footwear, Baby care products and products from a host of other categories.


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